Adaro is constituted as a company family-oriented; founded in 1901 and dedicated to the manufacture and production for the lanterns miners.


Of Spanish origin, at the beginning of its manufacturing route; the company focused on the production of gasometers; which over the years have undergone significant improvements; in order to increase its duration and power of lighting, leading to the introduction of lithium batteries (Alfa LDT model) that allows for high load capacity; making them lighter; ergonomic and with the introduction of LED lamps; gave the equipment an almost unlimited life.


The current production also covers professional type flashlights, ADALIT 2000 L model with lithium battery, LED charge indicator and technology and the fireman, model ADALIT L10, of small to placing on the helmet.


Thus beyond the mining sector to ADARO develops and distributes directional products for the Security Forces sector; Civil Protection and Health; also being pre-feel in the Occupational Safety sector, representing highly respected brands in these sectors.


Maximizing quality ; innovation; excellent service; Asking vanguard products and specific solutions to the market are the basic principles that underlie the Adaro manufacturer's activity.



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