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Tunnels and Mines

Since its foundation the Maquinter of Portugal focused its activity in the sector of Mines and Public Works, through the provision of equipment for tunnels.


During the 27 years of the course the company's expansion, many projects were high scale that participated in both sectors; assuming a role  in the marketing and support of various equipment for the country's Public Works park and the introduction of important character equipment from working  Mines Panasqueira; Pyrites Alentejo; Clones Mining and Neves Corvo.


Currently the field of Mines and Public Works remains as the core of the company, a bet on fle-xible and specialized staff as well as in the supply of leading brands internationally, in the sector, represented exclusively in the Portuguese market.


One of the lines of action privileged involves the expertise of our human resources Know the brands represented through training continues.


Technical Assistant

One of the services provided by Maquinter is the Contract Maintenance and Assistance (CMA).

With this type of support , our customers are freed from intrinsic concerns the maintenance, which translates into two main advantages: optimization

of charges and reduction of liabilities for the use, operational safety; in that, due to the pre-vention component that is associated with the contract  there are guarantees of full availability of the equipment, also allowing more rigorous planning of the works.



Increasingly it appears that companies tend to seek lower costs associated with the use of equipment and there is a set of intrinsic benefits to the rental option, namely:


Give an efficient response to specific requirements: be to increase capacity implementing a par-ticular work or to start a new venture;


Have equipment with exactly appropriate features to work to perform;


Initial investment of absence as what is consigned to the acquisition;


Absence of charges associated with the maintenance of the leased equipment;


Benefits of tax character (the rental income expenses are considered

and not investments);


Optimization of costs for work as a result of greater planning; management and operational control.

Thus the Maquinter offers a fleet for hire; directed to the sector of Mines and Tunnels; Public and Civil Construction Works.


Parts Supply

In order to provide proper operation of the equipment, Maquinter of Portugal and its brands have diversified stocks of parts, ensuring their rapid replacement in case of damage.


The Maquinter followed from the beginning of its activity the mining and public works. Over the years we have been analyzing market trends and looking for solutions and delineation of stra-tegies - study of new business opportunities for action.

One of the strategic was the sensitivity to analyze the market trends that led to the introduction of the segment of Construction; under the expanded Maquinter in the nineties with the diversi-fication of equipment supply and reinforce in 2006 with the representation exclusively for the Portuguese market in the representation the range for compaction and paving the BOMAG brand; currently ensures a leading position in the Construction sector.


Environment Sector

One of the areas of business that the Maquinter of Portugal extended its activity was the environmental sector, to help promote sustainable development in the infrastructure plan, which highlighted two aspects of this segment:


• Wastewater treatment - the Maquinter of Portugal sells complete facilities in key regime in hand settling and sludge drying: designed and manufactured by Fraccaroli & Balzan.


• Treatment of exhaust gas emissions - is the DCL Inc., which is considered the world leader in air pollution and developer and manufacturer for over 20 years catalysts that efficiently reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from diesel combustion or gasoline.


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