Founded in 1946 by Art Bartell , a family company with recognized success, has dedicated its activities to the manufacture and production of various light equipment for the construction industry. Starting its journey in the manufacture of mechanical galoshes in 1960 quickly having occupied a leading role in Canada.


In 1970 the company attends at the hands of Leo Bartell, son of the founder, to its process of internationalization, with the priority markets of Europe and the US


In the late 1980s , Lee Bartell, became the sole owner of the company. In response to the exponential growth of the market, build a new plant, located in Brampton in the state of Ontario.


During the nineties , successfully increased up sales in South America, Australia and the Far East and in 1999 the company was acquired by TEREX CORPORATION, having been appointed by Terex Bartell Ltd.


The year 2007 marks the new name of the company to BARETLL MORRISON INC, becoming property of a group of managers, with a share of MORRISON.


Currently the Bartell Group consists of four premium brands, characterized by innovation and pioneering in the industry of compression. These marks work together to cover the entire construction cycle compression - removal from the surface; blasting; placement and its finalization process the wet concrete and polishing.


Current production includes among other light equipment - mechanical trowels, rulers; concrete vibrators, sprayers, cutting discs and vibratory plates.


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