The BOMAG is now recognized as a brand that invests vast resources Research, Development and Innovation (RD i), an expert in compaction and paving, has secured a Cimeiro positioning due to its industrial route (leading manufacturer of machinery for soil compaction , asphalt and trash compactors; stabilizers / recyclers and pavers), but also because of the technological component of their equipment: systems studied to increase productivity and operational and in order to optimize consumption and limit pollutant emissions.


Headquartered in Boppard and represented by Maquinter since 2006, has as a landmark in its industrial route - 1996, during the design and marketing of the first system worldwide automatic compression optimization.


In 1998, the same system was adapted for use in self-driven cylinders.


In 2001, Bomag has launched the "Asphalt Manager" systems for asphalt and "Vario Control" to land. Such systems have allowed the optimum compaction of the asphalt layers or lands by means of measurement, control, variation in compression loads and maintaining records (documents) on any automated changes processed during compression.


In 2005, Bomag, GmbH was acquired by the French group Fayat group, having in 2007 celebrated its 50th anniversary, with a total sales of more than € 600,000,000.00.


Bomag currently have the following equipment lines:


        Light equipments.

        Unidirectional plate compactors.

        Reversible compactors.

        Pedestrian control cylinders.

        Cylinders for trench compaction.

        Cylinder double tandem roller, light and heavy.

        Double pivoting roller cylinders.

        Static cylinder tires.


        Mono roll cylinders for land.

        Static rollers for soil compaction.

        Static rollers for compaction of municipal solid waste.

        Recycling and stabilizing soils.



The BOMAG segment compression for solid waste and urban frames a set of equipment that are prepared for working in health landfill of all sizes and are designed to handle any type of waste is domestic in nature; industrial; bulky or construction debris.


Bomag in numbers:


• Founded in 1957

• 2200 employees worldwide

• 20 product ranges

• 6 subsidiaries in Germany

• 1 subsidiaries abroad

• 500 distributors in 120 countries in the world




Compression can be characterized as "increased soil density"; there are two fundamental types of compression forces: static and vibratory.


Compression is a mandatory step in any process of infrastructure construction; As in the correct structural stabilization of the soil allows it to support and increase the load capacity.


The absence of compression or its poor performance leads to the natural stabilization of the soil is later performed causing the structural failure of future buildings.


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