Coverflex SA is a Spanish company based in Asturias and has over 30 years experience in the manufacture of targeted ventilation sleeves for the mining sector; Public works and tunnels.


Founded in 1979, Coverflex SA , extended its activity from the Principality of Asturias, which had a secular tradition in coal mining activity; throughout the country, giving response to various derivatives ventilation problems of mining activities in Spain.


Coverflex SA is accredited by the laboratory Official JM Madariaga (LOM); as a manufacturer of ventilation sleeves for underground mining; being also believed that their products are used in potentially explosive atmospheres (Certificate LOM No. 82/83). In the manufacture standards and technical specifications are met stringent in order to maintain a high level of product quality.


During his industrial route to its greatest expansion was directed to the ventilation of public works, having been one of the most important suppliers of construction companies in Spain; being present in the works and projects of great importance in the country including: the Bilbao metro; in the underground connection to Madrid Barajas Airport; the expansion of the Metro Madrid, the tunnels of the TGV and the various highways; among other works of relevance.


Depending on the application , there are two distinct types sleeve: the sleeve puffing and reinforced flexible sleeve used in the latter pathways where one intends to make curved or deviations, as always maintains the shape, whether or not the fan in operation and for where the ventilation system is of the suction type. They are available in diameters ranging from 500 mm to 1,800 mm.


In addition to its application in the field of ventilation, the hoses supplied by Coverflex has many applications - such as loading and unloading bellows for cement kilns; Grain silos; evacuation hoses ash in thermal power plants and also its latest application - tunnels


The HDD method , "horizontal direction drilling" is especially used for the installation of pipes or cables crossing rivers or lakes, the countryside and in cities, a method that translates for its speed, does not interfere with the surface, with trafficking and does not harm the environment.


For the excavation of road or rail tunnels are used the MIXSHIELDS, commonly referred Tunnel with shell that can excavate tunnels with diameters up to 14 meters.


For excavation with a diameter of 280 mm to 1000 mm is the range of available type Pipe jacking machines.


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