Dynaset is a Finnish manufacturer of generators and hydraulic compressors that currently occupies a leading position worldwide. Hydraulic equipment of Dynaset convert hydraulic energy into electricity mobile machine, high pressure water, air, compressed magnet and vibration.


The company's products are used in diverse and multiple applications in various industries worldwide.


Its technology increases the productivity of mobile machinery of small cars to heavy machinery. Holder of an experiment in all hydraulic systems as well as its integration in the various brands of equipment. Its technology is based on the use of the hydraulic system as a source of power. The hydraulic equipment operates without secondary engines; SM or harmful emissions into the environment; thus making the technology Dynaset the greenest option.


Developing rapidly , the Finnish company operates globally in all industrialized countries, a corporation network that is expanding rapidly. In addition to the extensive network of dealers, the dynaset currently have a branch in Russia and China.


Due to the wide range of the company's products, their variety of applications and flexibility, Dynaset is able to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of projects varying ranges.


The focus on innovation and qualification of human resources; the high quality of processes - from designing to manufacturing - the rigorous and careful selection of subcontractors and the parts selected guarantees the supply of compact hydraulic solutions; reliable and powerful; being that all Dynaset equipment is tested and adjusted for each client.


Dynaset products range


• Hydraulic Generator

• Hydraulic Variable Generator

• Welder Hydraulic

• Magnet Generator Hydraulic

• Magnet Hydraulic

• soil hydraulic power generator

• High Pressure Hydraulic Pump

• High pressure washing unit Street

• High pressure tube cleaning unit

• High-pressure dust suppression

• the control of the high pressure system fires

• Thaw Thaw Technology

• Hydraulic drilling fluid pump

• crate washing units high pressure trash

• Hydraulic Submersible Pump

• Hydraulic Compressor

• Installation of valves

• Vibrating Hydraulic Pump

• The hydraulic power take-off

• Hydraulic grinder

• Hydraulic winch

• Hydraulic units



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