Founded in 1964 GHH start your journey to the industrial development LHD'S (underground mining dumpers) with articulated steering for the mining industry. Later also invests in the production of articulated haulers; scalers; telescopic trucks entity other special vehicles that are part of their product range.




- In 1987 assumes a position as important manufacturer of airport trailers and in 1995 the company divides its factory mining unit.


- In 1999 was acquired by the Group Schmidt, Kranz.


- In 2007 inaugurates a new industrial park, located in Gelsenkirchen (Germany); a unit equipped with cutting-edge production lines and media that allow the increase of brand strength in the market and their quick response.


A global network ensures the availability of GHH services; engineers and parts to allow the operation of the vehicles at any time. Their equipment characterized by robustness and versatility required conditions for operations in tunnels.


Particularly in the sector mining and for working tunnels, it is vitally important proper dimensioning of mobile equipment load and land transport.


Ergonomics has also been a clear and constant challenge, with the aim of providing greater comfort and safety for the operator.

According to the technical specifications in the tender documents, international standards applied dimensions of tunnels, construction method, production levels to be achieved, the number of work cycles on the fronts, a previous study is provided, with the design of the loading equipment and transport to be used in the excavation phase.


In the sector of loaders are manufactured models with load capacities ranging between 3.5 ton and 15 ton. In dumpers are available models between 15 ton and 50 ton.


The permanent traction at four wheels and the central joint system used, guarantee a financial transaction in any service condition, always keeping the wheels in contact with the floor. The low height of the equipment also allows for increased stability and transport velocity.


As regards the design of the canopies , it provides good visibility to the operator in each direction of travel, thus reducing the risk of accidents usual in confined spaces; which also provides increased safety in transport speed, thereby improving production rates.


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