HIC corporation is a specialist manufacturer of metal fibers, exporting to over 45 countries since 2003.


Its products are used in various industries and applications, in particular for tunnel lining; Concrete projection; floor; mines; bridge deck; roads; parking and airlines


With a strict quality control , all products are manufactured under the auspices of the EC, ISO 90001 & 14001.


HIC Corporation, founded in 1985 is one of actually largest companies in the Korean market and the Asia currently exporting all kinds of steel fibers and synthetic fibers and weight machines.


Areas of expertise


• Manufacture of various steel fibers

• Screw Manufacturing self punches

• Manufacture of special nails for wood


Products and Services


 • Steel Fibers & Machinery dosing;

 • self-punches screws;

 • Special nails for wooden houses

 • Synthetic fibers



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