Specializes in the production and distribution of equipment for underground mining - including drill bits and anchor drills and tools targeted for mining exploration work; quarries and the civil engineering sector; acts for more than 40 years on the market in the design of different companies.


Recognized worldwide as one to Minemaster excellence manufacturer started its activity in the seventies under the rule of the old company "LENA" (a mining enterprise that ended after the mine has ceased to be important resources for exploitation); having operated under the plan of various companies until 2006 when it was finally established as Minemaster LDT after purchase of the company by Narzedzia Ltd., administered until then under the trade name of Boart Longyear Ltd.


With a focused commitment to human resources ; characterized as the structure and the strength of the company; where services and products available to the market are the result of the quality and expertise of its employees. The experience and continued commitment to training allows an exponential improvement of their equipment currently being considered as a manufacturer of high importance for the mining and tunneling sector; construction and quarrying.


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