With over forty years of history, Herman Paus achieved an excellent reputation internationally in mechanical engineering. During his industrial route the range of pro-ducts grown exponentially since its foundation in 1968.


At the beginning of the journey the company focused on the assembly of construction machines (wheel backhoe loaders and dumpers); contundo during the growth of the company there was a continues investment  to develop as equipment - vehicles for tunnels and mines; he telescopic; platforms; cranes.


With a global network of distributors; branch in Santiago; Moscow and Chile; Herman Paus is a now a major player in the market the industry of Wheeler, Pewaukee glasses-service manufacturers; directed to from working in tunnels and mines and specially prepared for transport and lifting personnel and cargo.


The equipment is building robust and responsive ace safely internationally required for underground work.


Noteworthy are the vehicles personnel carriers with up to 18 seats, platforms of scissor lift, loading dock equipped with cranes, loaders and ANFO transport vehicles.


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