Sika and Putzmeister are both manufacturers who occupy top positions globally; recognized by decades of innovation; pioneering and quality of its products.


Sika currently has a global presence; with subsidiaries in 84 countries. Founded in 1910 by Kaspa Winkler; who designed the first product Sika on the same date. The company has seen a boom after World War II, opening several offices around the world.


Putzmeister founded in 1958 is now recognized as an expert in equipment manufacturer worldwide with headquarters in Aichtal, Germany.


In 2003, given the wide application area, the Putzmeister AG and the Swiss chemical company Sika, formed a strategic alliance; directed to the tunnels and mines; in order to develop concrete projection technology. An alliance that united experience with knowledge of the technology of concrete projection equipment and chemical additives for shotcrete. The combination of experience and knowledge of both companies led to the excellence of the shotcrete technology. Working with Sika, Putzmeister remains at the forefront of innovation processes and chemical technology.


The shotcrete was successfully used for the first time in 1914.


When advances in the excavation are limited and conditioned by the geological characteristics of the land, the shotcrete becomes a very important factor about the safety and stability of the ground.


It has been used in various fields of construction, such as in swimming pools, recovery facades, foundations, stabilizing slopes, irrigation channels, coating and sustimento road and railway tunnels and mines generally.


Concrete projection processes:


- Dry

- Semi-wet

- Via wet


For each application there will start a precise definition of the concrete trace to use and that it must take into account, the configuration and type of surface to be coated, the equipment used, the resistance finish, minimal reflection or rejection, maintenance slump over the transport and application.


The shotcrete may be applied on any slope, since becomes self supportable.


The projection for dry or semi-wet, are usually used the rotor pumps ALIVA AL - 237, AL - 257 and or AL - 267.


The projection wet , the rotor pumps are used AL - 257, AL - 267 and MP 702 piston.


The dosage of additives is effected by metering pump AL - AL and 403.3 - 403.6 with a flow rate of 30 700 liters / hr.


In tunnels and or places with larger projection areas of the ROBOTS PROJECTION are used to control from a distance, SPM 4210 equipped with pump PM 1507 and the SPM 500, equipped with pump PM in 1810, the latter with greater production capacity and range, both the SPM 4210 as the SPM 500 can also be equipped with compressor.


One of the key factors in research carried out by both companies within the established alliance, achieved by reducing the rebound during the concrete design process, which requires a balanced mix of concrete and additives, correct air pressure in the projection head as well as a constant concrete flow. In the wet process of projection, the rebound can be reduced to a minimum and the engine's contribution to reducing the rebound increases every year.

Another research area; resulting from the alliance between Sika and Putzmeister is the automation of the process concrete projection in order to increase the productivity of the work.



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