Founded in 1963 to Zitron currently occupies a leading position worldwide as a manufacturer of fans for underground mines and for the public works sector.


With over 40 years of activity the ZITRON, was able to foresee the increase of construction of road tunnels, railways, new Metro lines, opening mines, therefore making a significant investment in human, technical, IT and new facilities.


Currently has the largest test bench (wind tunnel) in Europe, with fans test up to 4 meters in diameter.


With a high level of expertise and technology an extremely prepared and qualified team Zitron has given particular attention to reducing the noise level. Designs, sizes and also makes the noise dampers.


Regarding the fields of application there is the targeted range of axial fans for ventilation systems for:


- Tunnels and hydropower projects

- Tunnels and Underground stations

- Road Tunnels

- Mines

- Railway tunnels


The range of centrifugal fans apply to the following systems of ventilation:


- Thermal power stations

- Cement

- Environments with high temperatures and aggressive


The Maquinter / Zitron has been an active partner with the companies involved in the opening and tunneling on the mainland and the island of Madeira.


According to the specifications of the technical specifications, international standards applied dimensions of tunnels, construction method, DIESEL installed capacity, a prior study is provided, with the design of fans and ventilation outlets to be installed in the excavation phase.


The same applies to the case of permanent ventilation in road tunnels or rail, in which the type JETFANS fans are used.


Technicians ZITRON , may be necessary to carry out the assembly and functional testing of the facilities provided.


The ventilation of the main underground workings that Maquinter of Portugal participated, either in dams or in tunnels, made in the past decade and this have been developed with the help of fans manufactured by ZITRON in particular Venda Nova, Alqueva, Tunnel CREL, CRIL, strong Mato, Penalva, Lisbon Metro in Red Lines, Yellow, Blue, Alameda Station, Palace Square, Santa Apolonia, Blackthorn, Lord stolen, End of Maynooth, etc.


In Metro do Porto were also used ZITRON of ventilation systems in excavation work to Bolhão Station, Marquis and Faria Guimarães. It lies in the assembly phase the ventilation system of the extension of the Red Line between the Gare do Oriente and the Airport.


In the Neves Corvo Mine , the installation of a main fan surface with 2,600 mm diameter and 560 Kw power was held and is still under construction another of the same diameter with 900 Kw. Pyrites in Alentejo, are already operating two of the four main fans provided.


There are currently main ventilation facilities in the excavation work inserted in the draft power increased Perforation Dam and Bemposta.


The Maquinter OF PORTUGAL , markets since 1995 fans manufactured by ZITRON in Gijon, Asturias, Spain.


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